Prints of the photographs of Emir Sergo are all in limited edition series. Prints are avaiable in HD fine-art photoprints

on all avaible mediums custom produced to fit to your specific needs. Please contact +31 614918433 for enquiery and direct orders. 




‘The Great Escape’  photograph taken by Emir in may ’17 on ibiza, has come the topic of songs and is being

auctioned to support the implementation of sustainable eco-solutions on ibiza to enhance the preservation of the its natural environment.

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Nr 1 of 15 of ‘Es Vedra in Orion’ was sold as a photoprint in the size 80×60 cm to a photo collector in Sydney.

Nr.2  is available for 625,- euro (not framed)  please contact to order this print


All She Sees by Emir Sergo

Nr 1 of ‘Girl in Dutch light’ was sold to restuarant owner in Cadaques, printed on aluminium with an acryl finish in the size 100x100cm

Nr 2. is avaible for 2150,- euro. including shipping world wide.

Japanese geisha in kimono collage

Nr 1 10 of ‘Girl in Kimono’ was sold on a large scale print of 220 x 180 cm on aluminium with a mat finish with a supporting frame to hang it from to an hotel in Belgium.

Nr 2. 10 of ‘Girl in Kimono’ on this size is available for 4100,- euro (including world wide shipping).

Please contact Emir Sergo directly if you are interested in purchasing ‘Girl in Kimono’  +31 614918433


All photos visible on this website are available as prints for sale, please contact for purchases

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