Raymond Emir Sergo (Chicago 1973) raised and educated in Europe found his passion for art and
photography in 2007. Although autodidact in the field of photography he holds a
Master of Science  from the University of Amsterdam in Chemistry 1997,
and is an eager learner and explorer of aesthetic & beauty.

With photography Emir wishes to explore & celebrate life as an infinite spiritual Oneness in resonance and frequency,
together creating the universe and world we experience in awe,
inspiring magic of Light, Time and Being through his photographic Art.

Over the last decade Emir has worked to define his own unique signature on his photography and has been recently acknowledged by Moda Adlib Ibiza as official photographe.

Previously Emir has collaborated in the fashion world of the avant-garde between Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Ibiza.

Emir has recently been featured in the Luxury & Art Magazine for Art-Basel. Amd has further collaborated with Rijksatelier & Rijksmuseum , Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund,
Netherlands Dance Theatre, Desigual,  Salvador Dali Cadaques,
Bas Kosters, Isabell Schultz & AtelierParadis.

Emir photographs with near Medium-Format 36MP Nikon D800,
Nikon D2x and Fuji T-E1 with Nikkor prime lenses


Feel free to contact Emir; send email to: emirsergoproductions@gmail.com
or contact me on whatsapp +31 614918433

follow me on instagram: emirsergo 

Emir Is also board-member of the eco-charity organization The Phronimos Group


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